Ontario Driveaway Service was created 5 years ago based on an opportunity to transfer cars for Snowbirds living in Southern Ontario and wintering in Florida.  Since then, it has grown year over year as people realize the convenience of the service and become less interested in driving themselves.  The company was recently acquired by Jonathan Hook who owns and operates a limousine service.  Jonathan was interested in the concept since he and his drivers are comfortable with long distance driving.  You can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is being looked after by a professional.  Any of the drivers we employ are known to us and hand picked.  Jonathan says “If I wouldn’t put a driver in my limo, I won’t put him in your car”

That said, our drivers are contracted to drive your vehicle, they are paid for their services and see this as a job.  We do not take volunteers or random people looking for a free ride and hand them the keys to your vehicle.

Our contact information is:


Ontario Driveaway Service
P.O. Box 687
Powassan, ON
P0H 1Z0