Simply put, a driveaway service is one where you ask someone else to drive your car to a destination on your behalf.  So when you want your car to be someplace, but you personally would prefer not to drive it there, that’s what we do.

Who uses a driveaway service?

The majority of our clients are people who live in Ontario and prefer to winter in Florida.  They want to keep the trip short by flying down, but would prefer their own vehicle to be there for the winter with them.  So, they ask us to drop it off for them.  We set the schedule ahead of time so that your vehicle is where you want it to be, when you want it to be there.

Where do you offer services?

We can move your car between points within Canada and internationally Canada – US.  Our most common requests are between Ontario and Florida, but we are not limited to that route.  We can also go to California or Arizona – virtually any place there is a road to drive and an airport to fly from.

Who drives my car?

Often times the owner of the company, Jonathan does the driving.  He is a professional driver and spends his days on the road with his limousine service when he isn’t shuttling vehicles.  Besides that, we do have a number of drivers we can call.  Our drivers are hand picked and screened before they get near your vehicle.  We do not take volunteers or random people looking for a ride someplace and give them your vehicle to drive.  Our drivers are paid to drive, this is a job for them and is treated as such.

What types of vehicles are eligible?

We can drive vehicles up to 11,000 kg, so we are happy to move your car, pickup truck, moving van, etc.  If you have a special request (i.e. trailer or RV), just let us know when you request your quote.

Am I able to send luggage in the vehicle?

Yes, it’s your car, it’s your luggage.  Obviously we won’t take responsibility for the items inside the vehicle, but we certainly don’t require that you leave the vehicle empty of items (as many shippers do).  We just ask that the front of the vehicle be left clear for the comfort and safety of the driver.  On an international transfer, we would need a list of items in the vehicle for customs.

What about Insurance?

Vehicles in Ontario are insured by their owners.  You need to have insurance on your vehicle and we strongly suggest you also have comprehensive/collision in case something we to happen to your car.  Your insurance is to protect your investment and you need to make sure it is in order prior to handing us the vehicle.  If your insurance company wants info on the person driving, we can provide that once we set up the booking.

I’m moving, can you bring my vehicle?

Many people get relocated for work and are eligible for moving expenses.  We can get your car to your destination for you while you simply hop on a plane and fly there quickly.  We can take your vehicle anywhere you need to go.